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The ACafe groups started in 2012 when we made a commitment to invite  people to an intentional conversation every day to share the mysteries of life .  Anyone  who wanted to coffee and chat in a safe environment to talk about their life experiences without judgement, condemnation or prejudiced.

ACAFE Central –  builds the social capital in local communities by training independent groups to identify volunteering opportunities.  Groups are autonomous non incorporated bodies with a common ethos but independently responsible for their own management and volunteers.

In our ‘Towards 2020’ project we support initiatives targeting intentional growth of groups and volunteers to strengthen their local community in  Workshops and support for marginalized families effected by break down of the family unit due to divorce, illness, mental health and domestic violence.  Cultural Diversity – ‘same-same but different’ Support for homelessness – women over 55 and Child Alert Support.

Volunteer leaders meet as a larger group to encourage each other as they share ideas and build their leadership skills and abilities whilst helping  disadvantaged communities by welcoming inclusion of marginalized people in community life.

It is like new friends and old friends  catching up with each other. It is like having a listening post – someone to share our experiences with who will encourage and support.

ACAFE has taken us too many different places  – close to home and away, sharing life with someone different each day. Some of the places we have been  includes Gold Coast, Townsville, Rockhampton, Forrest Beach, Collinsville, All over Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Russell Island,  Toowoomba, Lismore, Ballina, Casino, Sydney, Albury, and all places in between.

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