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The journey began in the heart of Fr. Vincent Doyle, a Catholic priest, in the Bellingen Parish in New South Wales, Australia.  His diary notes reveal a love and a desire to form a support network to bring God’s salvation and peace to the Anawim.

‘God’s poor, who are heavily burdened and spiritually oppressed from their life experiences so in 1983, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to write down an outline for the Anawim Ministry for God’s poor’.   (Extract from Fr. Doyle’s diary)  Bishop Satterthwaite supported the ministry from 1982 in the early days of the Mariah Community through to the formation of the Angelus.

Mrs. Murphy’s Vision

Mrs. Valerie Murphy is a wife, mother and grandmother as well as co-founder of the Angelus Association.

In 1982, with her husband, she co-foundered Moriah Community, a refuge and healing center for the marginalized in central NSW. While ministering to their obvious needs, Mrs. Murphy recognised a need existed for the poor to be able to minister to the poor and live in community.

They developed a support network for those who had no emotional, physical or spiritual support in place.

Fr. Doyle became the Chaplain to the Moriah Community as it became a safe haven where people could come and stay.  (Extract from Mrs Murphy’s notes)

A New Vision

A new vision started to grow flowing from their faithfulness to develop new groups and about thirteen years of witnessing the steady progression of people at Moriah  to  a group of forty people who gathered for the inauguration of the Angelus Association, on the 25th March 1996.

They came from different parts of Australia and under the guidance of Father Vincent Doyle and Mrs. Murphy, the group decided to create a community support network for God’s ‘Anawim’.

February 2011
Angelus Housing for the Anawim started with two houses and with the goal of housing up to ten residents.   The target group for this type of housing is for mature aged single women with no dependents on a pension or Centerlink payment.

These houses are positioned in a rainforest setting with a bus at the door and provide a quiet and tranquil environment for all those seeking a safe and secure environment.  Initially three people were housed. 
Homeless Projects with other stakeholders
Paul Murphy (one of our Directors)  has been working in conjunction with St. Vincent de Paul Homeless Project Officer on a  government program    ‘On track’ . Paul has helped to place persons who were not suitable or ready to move on from the Homeless Accommodation at the Winsome Hotel.
Paul was also involved in the Lismore Councils initiatives  for welfare providers to meet every six months to network workshops to co-ordinate  services.  Paul is able to wear two hats one for the Winsome and the other for  Angelus Community.

Lismore’s Anawim Community

Angelus members  visit and volunteer at the Winsome Hotel for the Homeless.

They often participate in the regular  activities for the morning  and then share a meal with the Soup Kitchen Patrons.

Angelus House in Lismore:
Angelus House has an open door policy of providing accommodation to those in emotional and financial distress.

They have provided support to a number of Nigerian and Ethiopian women over time as well as women from other ethnic backgrounds.

Many people choose to get involved to donate their  skills to this community to provide inclusiveness and  welcome to the Lismore Community.  We can help with household essentials such as sheets, blankets and kitchen resources for their rented houses.

Individual or Family Homestays: Angelus hosts an in-house program with host family for the negotiated rate and time. Only available on a referral basis.

Angelus House – Brisbane
On the 16th October 2013 we were invited by Archbishop Mark Coleridge to “pitch our tent” in the Brisbane Archdiocese.   With the financial assistance from Angelus friends an ‘Angelus Prayer House’ was established in North Brisbane.The house incorporated a Meeting Place, Teaching resources and Kitchen Facilities with a private prayer room, community gatherings and meeting areas, gardens and an office for the Angelus.  In line with our commitment to the ‘Anawim’ we have two rooms for short term immediate accommodation set aside.

Angelus Community 

The volunteers at  Angelus Community  make an invaluable contribution to our organisation by generously donating their time, skills and expertise to benefit our community. We thank Business and Corporate donations and initiatives with their support and financial generosity.  We continue to respond to the to assist our Community groups which are equipped to assist or provide a referral depending on where the help is required.

After your initial contact you can be referred on to the best community or  government agencies that can help you.

Mary of the Angelus Community – Brisbane 

Mary of the Angelus Community – Lismore

Mary of the Angelus Community – Ocean Shores

Mary of the Angelus Community – Ballana

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