Priority 55

Priority 55 Housing

Angelus Housing for Women over 55 who are at risk

Angelus Housing is a community based, not for profit company which provides housing for people in need to prevent homelessness whilst also addressing issues of at risk of homelessness as a preventive measure.

Angelus Shared houses provide supportive group accommodation for up to 4 older people. Angelus residents enjoy the security and companionship of living with others.

Many have previously lived by themselves and were often lonely and isolated. Each of the Angelus’s supportive group houses has been developed or has been converted from existing properties.  They are set in ordinary suburbs that blend in with the streetscape and are integrated into the neighborhoods.

This program is primarily designed for single women over 55 however single people of both sexes can be referred to other options or exit points.  Angelus residents mostly have low incomes and few assets and enjoy the financial and emotional stability of living in a shared house arrangement.

The majority of women over 55 have lived as part of a family during their lifetime and thrive in a family type environment. There are some exceptions to the eligibility limits so, if you are interested in living in an Angelus house, you should contact Angelus to discuss your situation

The  residents and a Head tenant share the house and garden making up a group small enough to provide companionship and security but big enough to give the house the financial stability it requires.

The idea would be that each resident has a private bed-sitting room, which they furnish themselves and share the living areas, lounge, dining, kitchen, garden, break out areas and laundry that provides all the space and services required for comfortable living. The privacy of residents is paramount and each resident has his or her own key. Residents are responsible for preparing their own meals from a shared household supply that they contribute to.

They are also responsible for cleaning their own room and doing their own laundry.  HACC (Home and Community Care) services may be arranged if a resident qualifies and  is unable to manage these tasks or needs assistance with personal care.

Residents are free to enjoy, independently, relationships with family and friends and their own social, cultural, religious and leisure activities.  Residents are invited to participate in management and decision-making.

They are independent, control their own lives and are provided with the information and support needed to retain their independence and freedom.

Railway House – Platform 15
Northside Brisbane

Are you, or is someone you know:

  • Worried about current living arrangements?
  • Concerned about security?
  • Anxious about living alone?
  • Independent, but perhaps isolated and lonely?
  • Miss having others around to share your daily living?
  • Tired of cooking and shopping?
  • 55 years of age or older?

If the answer was “YES” to any of these questions, then an Angelus house may be the answer.


Note for admittance:

To be eligible for accommodation in Angelus Programs the applicants must meet program criteria. Due to demand or availability which may be limited, we will seek referral sources where possible for alternative accommodation options for those in need.To be admitted into the program, applicant must:

  • Be alcohol- and drug-free;
  • Work closely with assigned house leader;
  • Have the means to contribute to the house either by social security or a job and pay approximately 30% of their gross income for rent
  • Attend weekly housing sessions provided by community volunteers in budgets, house rules and cooking skills.


To Apply :

EMAIL US AT BOTTOM OF PAGE  FOR MORE INFORMATION.  Further information will be provided so that if you have any interest you may fill out the application form and bring it, along with your picture ID and Centrelink ID, to a personal interview.  If you have any issues providing these forms, please let us know.